With a long list of influences that span the genres of rap, r&b, rock and experimental, A-Rushh’s versatility of sound is virtually limitless. In fact, part of the LA-based rapper’s charm is his ability to weave in and out of varying moods and vibes, all while staying true to hip-hop roots.

A-Rushh embraces the ‘boom-bap’ label for his style of flow without relying on hollow, cliché themes of partying, drugs and misogyny. Instead, he chooses to use his music as a vessel of empowerment by getting people to think and motivate them to be the best version of themselves while having each of his tracks sounding fresh and relevant. His message can be summed up in two words: “have hope”, which is denoted in the “Two Hs” in his name, and serves as his personal manifesto.

Growing up as the eldest of four children and all his cousins, A-Rushh, builds his brand around the word “Kuya” which is translated as “big brother” in Tagalog (Filipino). Born and raised all over Southern California, A-Rushh, does not shy away from his Philippines heritage as he continues to acknowledge where his family came from while building a better tomorrow for future generations to come through music, philanthropy work, and his daily life.

A-Rushh has been grinding away in the studio, and has put out a slew of releases that have amassed over a million Spotify plays on his independent imprint, ‘Big Kuya Entertainment’. Not one to shy away from a challenge, he was recently the first-prize winner of an ‘Intro Contest’ on the radio/podcast ‘Heavy Rotation’, and featured in Voyage LA Magazine.